Corporate Governance

Havilah Resources corporate governance objective is to put its values into practice via a written set of guidelines and recommendations that follow the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (‘ASX Guidelines’).

  1. Corporate Governance Statement & Appendix 4G 31 October 2019 (250kb)
  2. Constitution (241kb)
  3. Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Representatives (147kb)
  4. Board of Directors Charter (177kb)
  5. Audit and Risk Committee Charter (166kb)
  6. Nomination Committee Charter (123kb)
  7. Remuneration Committee Charter (140kb)
  8. Diversity Policy (106kb)
  9. Continuous Disclosure Policy (205kb)
  10. Share Trading Policy (149kb)
  11. Havilah Performance Rights & Share Option Plan (184kb)
  12. Risk Management Policy (150kb)