Rare Earth Potential Highlighted for Kalkaroo and Other Prospects

• Elevated levels of rare earth elements (REE) returned in re-assaying of Havilah drill samples.
• Two drill samples from West Kalkaroo contain elevated levels of higher value REE, with up to 1,355 ppm Neodymium (Nd) and 366 ppm Praseodymium (Pr).
• Eleven drill samples from the Croziers copper prospect are similarly elevated in REE, with up to 953 ppm Nd, 425 ppm Pr, 5,443 ppm Lanthanum (La) and 6,104 ppm Cerium (Ce).
• Studies have commenced on the Kalkaroo copper-gold project to investigate the potential for economic recovery of a REE concentrate as a by-product.
• REE are of relevance and strategic importance given the Australian Government’s recent efforts in promoting international investment in the development of critical minerals resources within Australia.

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