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Shareholder Presentation
A New Mining Force in South Australia

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Phillip Capital Research Report
Havilah Resources Ltd: Initiation of research

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Going For Gold
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Updated Mining Study - Kalkaroo Copper-Gold Project
Havilah Targets Second New (Copper-Gold) Mine in SA

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Havilah Resources:

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Prospect Hill

Tin 85% JV

South Australia’s largest know tin deposit. Future resource drilling will target 1Mt of open pit ore on the outcropping tin lode.
Good tin recoveries from conventional gravity separation methods.



Molybdenum 100%

Granted ML 6346. North Portia 11.3 Mt of 0.89% Cu, 0.64g/t Au, 500ppm Mo – potential additional ore feed for Kalkaroo operation. Portia 67,000 ounce Indicated resource – open pit permitting in final stages.



Molybdenum 100%

Contains over 620,000 tonnes of Cu and 2 million ounces of Au in JORC Measured and Indicated resources. Capable of producing > 50,000 t Cu and 150,000 oz Au annually over an open pit mine life exceeding 12 years.



Copper – Cobalt

13.1 Mt of 1.48% Cu, 0.14% Co in a lode-style massive sulphide deposit located 60km west of Broken Hill
and 16km south of the Transcontinental railway. Exceptionally high value
ore capable of producing significant copper and cobalt, with by-product sulphuric acid, iron ore and electricity.



Iron Ore 100%

Indicated resource 147 Mt
of 30.1% Fe. Thick slab of iron ore up >100m thick, with negligible overburden and internal waste, favourable
for a low cost open pit mining operation. Can be upgraded to a high purity product.
Only 28 km from railway line.



Iron Ore 100%

29-33% Fe in widely spaced drillholes in thickened iron formation. High iron (68% Fe) low impurity premium quality magnetite concentrate is liberated by a relatively coarse 106 micron grind size. 



(Curnamona Energy -
wholly owned by Havilah)

An estimated 2,100 tonne Inferred Resource contained within 8.2 million tonnes of 260 ppm eU3O8 (applying
a grade thickness cutoff of 0.015 metre % eU3O8). Amenable to low cost in situ recovery (ISR) extraction method, which is being tested in a small scale field recovery trial plant. High discovery potential for further sand-hosted uranium deposits in surrounding extensive tenement holdings.



Geothermal Energy
(Geothermal Resources -
wholly owned by Havilah)

Estimated 84,000 PJ Inferred Resource of heat energy within highly radiogenic granites of the Curnamona Province, based on temperature measurements in 8 drillholes.



Iron Ore 100% in part
and earning 75% in part

Inferred Resource 304 Mt of 24% Fe. A homogeneous keel shaped mass of iron ore
up to 180m thick, with minimal internal waste and almost no overburden, ideally suited to a low cost open pit mining operation. 8 km from railway line.